Friday, July 10

The Samples have been updated to include the latest homeworks and examples from class.

If you want to review for the final, please study the Quiz Solutions and try the test questions in the textbook. Don't forget to study Chapter 6 on Classes and Objects!

Special Bulletin

If you call a function that returns a value, you must declare a variable to hold the returned value and assign it as part of the function call. Otherwise, your returned value will be lost! Here's an example:

int  getApples();
// prompts  user for number of apples and returns it to caller.

void main()
    int apple;
    apple = getApples();
    // returned value from getApples() is assigned to apple

int  getApples()
    int input;
    cout << "How many apples would you like ? "
    cin >> value;
    return value;
    // here we return the value to the caller, which is inside main

Wednesday, June 24

Solutions to the guessing game homework have been posted along with examples from Monday's lecture. Solutions to Quiz Two have been posted. There is a new link to all the code examples in Savitch online.

Tuesday, June 23

The solution to Quiz One has been posted.

Monday, June 22

The third homework assignment, Pizza Ordering, has been posted to the Homework section. Quiz 1 and Homework 1 will be returned in class today.

Tuesday, June 16

I've added the text of the assignment for HW1 from the textbook to the Homework section for people who don't have the textbook yet.

Monday, June 15

If you need help working with the compiler available in the DePaul computer labs, there is a tutorial available.