Here are some sample programs. Some examples from the lecture or textbook may show up here.

  1. empty Shell
  2. classic Hello, World! Program
  3. sample program 1.8 from Savitch for counting Peapods
  4. variation of Peapods showing stream concatenation
  5. Ugly example of legal C++ that's hard to read
  6. Function example from the June 22 lecture.
  7. Guessing Game solution from HW2.
  8. Randomized guessing game.
  9. Call-by-Reference example from June 24.
  10. solution to the Pizza Ordering homework assignment.
  11. solution to the Counting Game homework assignment.
  12. Coordinated Arrays example from lecture.
  13. functions using a Structure example from lecture.
  14. simple DayOfYear Class example from lecture.