Monday, May 30, 2005

kanji on flickr

I've started a Kanji Group on Can you believe nobody thought of that already? There are lots of great photographs of kanji in action.

Sadly, I can't include an example here in the blog. Maybe it's time for Kiki to move off of Blogger.


Recently I've been looking for 四字熟語 (よじじゅくご yoji jyukugo) or "four character sayings." These came from China, and the Japanese adopted them along with their writing system. They are proverbs or sayings that fit (with some poetic license, it seems) into four kanji, usually in two pairs.

The best site I've found so far is The Four Character Sayings English Translation Dictionary. The index (in Japanese) points into two pages of yojijyukugo with English translations.

Here's an eample: Can you tell what it means? The characters point back into Kiki's Dictionary.

To be free from all distracting thoughts. Pretty cool, huh?

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Kiki catches up on her mail

Thanks for writing, everyone.

If you wrote to the old email address on, you probably never got a response. That's because it was lost in the thousands of junk emails I was receiving every day. I had no idea Kiki had such diverse interests!

Kiki now has a new mailing address. I've written back about a dozen people who I could find who had written since last March. I may post common questions and interesting letters, with your permission, to this blog.