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Kanji with this 1 stroke radical :
  1. おさむ
    ナイ, ダイ, ノ, アイ, の, すなわ.ち, なんじ, お, のり
    from, possessive particle, whereupon, accordingly
    (3 compounds)

  2. いちじく
    キュウ, ク, ここの, ここの.つ, いちのく, この, ひさし
    (12 compounds)

  3. ボウ, とぼ.しい, とも.しい
    destitution, scarce, limited
    (2 compounds)

  4. とも
    ジョウ, たけ, だけ, ますら
    length, 10feet, measure, Mr., Ms., height, stature, all (one has), only, that's all, merely
    (9 compounds)

  5. ジン, ニン, は, やいば, き.る, と
    blade, sword, edge
    (12 compounds)

  6. きゅ
    キュウ, ク, ひさ.しい, わ
    long time, old story
    (13 compounds)

  7. おい
    キュウ, およ.ぶ, およ.び, および, およ.ぼす, の
    reach out, exert, exercise, cause
    (8 compounds)

  8. ガン, まる, まる.める, まる.い, わ, わに
    round, full, month, perfection, -ship, pills, make round, roll up, curl up, seduce, explain away
    (33 compounds)

  9. かず
    セン, ち, ゆき
    (25 compounds)

  10. ちか
    イン, おさ, ただ.す
    an official rank
    (1 compound)

  11. もんめ, め, ひゃくめ
    monme, 3.75 grams, (kokuji)
    (1 compound)

  12. のぼる
    ショウ, ます
    measuring box, 1.8 liter
    (1 compound)

  13. ヨウ, オウ, カ, わか.い, わかじに, わざわい
    early death, calamity
    (2 compounds)

  14. ゴ, うま
    (4 compounds)

  15. タン, に, たみ, まこと
    rust-colored, red, read lead, pills
    (9 compounds)

  16. フ, フウ, ブ, おっと, そ.れ, と, ゆう, よ
    husband, man
    (20 compounds)

  17. いの
    セイ, ショウ, い, さい, ひ
    (7 compounds)

  18. ショウ, すく.ない, すこ.し
    few, little
    (24 compounds)

  19. サツ, サク, ふみ
    no. of books, volume
    (1 compound)

  20. トン, タン, ショウ, セイ, どんぶり
    bowl, bowl of food
    (4 compounds)

  21. サ, サク, -なが.ら, たちま.ち
    though, notwithstanding, while, during, both, all
    (1 compound)

  22. フツ, ホチ, どる, ず
    (2 compounds)

  23. たかし
    キュウ, おか
    hill, knoll
    (7 compounds)

  24. セキ, しりぞ.ける
    reject, retreat, recede, withdraw, repel, repulse
    (3 compounds)

  25. ホウ, つつ.む, くる.む, かね
    wrap, pack up, cover, conceal
    (21 compounds)

  26. マツ, バツ, すえ
    not yet, end, close, tip, powder, posterity
    (42 compounds)

  27. シツ, うしな.う, う.せる
    lose, error, fault, disadvantage, loss
    (30 compounds)

  28. ミ, ビ, いま.だ, ま.だ, ひつじ
    un-, not yet, hitherto, still, even now
    (24 compounds)

  29. コウ, ゴ, きさき
    empress, queen, after, behind, back, later
    (4 compounds)

  30. イ, えびす, えみし, ころ.す, たい.らげる
    barbarian, savage, Ainu
    (5 compounds)

  31. さと
    リ, し
    officer, an official
    (7 compounds)

  32. シュ, あけ, あか, あき, す
    vermilion, cinnabar, scarlet, red, bloody
    (7 compounds)

  33. レツ, おと.る
    inferiority, be inferior to, be worse
    (11 compounds)

  34. ソウ, あらそ.う, いか.でか
    contend, dispute, argue
    (14 compounds)

  35. キ, あぶ.ない, あや.うい, あや.ぶむ
    dangerous, fear, uneasy
    (13 compounds)

  36. ネン, とし
    (95 compounds)

  37. レイ, はげ.む, はげ.ます
    encourage, be diligent, inspire
    (10 compounds)

  38. 寿 かず
    ジュ, ス, シュウ, ことぶき, ことぶ.く, ことほ.ぐ, じ, じゅう, すっ, すみ, とし, としかつ, なが, のぶ, のり, ひさ, ひさし, やす
    longevity, congratulations, ones natural life
    (9 compounds)

  39. ケイ
    lineage, system
    (12 compounds)

  40. ソク, たば, たば.ねる, つか, つか.ねる
    bundle, sheaf, ream, tie in bundles, govern, manage, control
    (10 compounds)

  41. つぐ
    ショウ, うけたまわ.る, う.ける
    aquiesce, hear, listen to, be informed, receive
    (6 compounds)

  42. ト, ツ, うさぎ
    rabbit, hare
    (12 compounds)

  43. ラン, たまご
    egg, ovum, spawn, roe
    (14 compounds)

  44. ガ, われ, わ, わ.が-, わが-, あが, か
    ego, I, selfish, our, oneself
    (26 compounds)

  45. ヘイ, ヒョウ, つわもの
    soldier, private, troops, army, warfare, strategy, tactics
    (37 compounds)

  46. くり
    ライ, タイ, く.る, きた.る, きた.す, き.たす, き.たる, き, こ, くる, ごろ, さ
    come, due, next, cause, become
    (63 compounds)

  47. シャ, セキ, あぶ.る
    None found.
    (2 compounds)

  48. むし.る
    pluck, pick, tear, (kokuji)
    (2 compounds)

  49. おか
    ガク, たけ, たか, たけん
    point, peak, mountain
    (2 compounds)

  50. テン, かたじけな.い
    grateful, indebted
    (1 compound)

  51. サツ, す.る, -ず.り, -ずり, は.く
    printing, print
    (11 compounds)

  52. たる
    スイ, た.れる, た.らす, た.れ, -た.れ, なんなんと.す, だれ
    droop, suspend, hang, slouch
    (18 compounds)

  53. とも
    ホウ, ブ, たてまつ.る, まつ.る, ほう.ずる, やす
    observance, offer, present, dedicate
    (17 compounds)

  54. あい
    トウ, ひがし, あがり, あずま, あづま, こ, さき, しの, とお, はる, ひが, もと
    (38 compounds)

  55. ジュン, たて
    shield, escutcheon, pretext
    (3 compounds)

  56. シ, た
    short, span
    (1 compound)

  57. つぎ
    イン, たね, つぐ, かず
    descendent, issue, offspring
    (2 compounds)

  58. さとし
    セイ, ショウ, かえり.みる, はぶ.く, み
    focus, government ministry, conserve
    (8 compounds)

  59. ビ, ミ, まゆ
    (8 compounds)

  60. ハン, ホン, そむ.く
    isobey, defy, go back on, rebel, rebellion
    (7 compounds)

  61. ヒ, いや.しい, いや.しむ, いや.しめる
    lowly, base, vile, vulgar
    (14 compounds)

  62. カン, み.る
    watch over, see
    (8 compounds)

  63. のり
    ジョウ, ショウ, の.る, -の.り, の.せる
    ride, power, multiplication, record, no. of vehicles, board, mount, join
    (64 compounds)

  64. さね
    ジュウ, チョウ, え, おも.い, おも.り, おも.なう, かさ.ねる, かさ.なる, おも, しげ, しげる
    heavy, heap up, pile up, nest of boxes, -fold
    (79 compounds)

  65. スウ, シュウ, ス, まぐさ
    grass cutting, hay
    (1 compound)

  66. イン, アン, さかん
    (2 compounds)

  67. ひこ
    ベン, つと.める, やつ
    (4 compounds)

  68. ウ, オ, からす, いずくんぞ, なんぞ
    crow, raven
    (7 compounds)

  69. トウ, しま
    (20 compounds)

  70. イ, ジョウ
    military officer, jailer, old man, rank
    (7 compounds)

  71. トウ, ト, かぶと
    helmet, head piece
    (2 compounds)

  72. ざく
    ジャク, ジャン, サク, シャク, すずめ
    (7 compounds)

  73. ソウ, あき.らか, さわ.やか, たがう
    refreshing, bracing, resonant, sweet, clear
    (3 compounds)

  74. キョウ, ふくろ.う
    owl, expose
    (5 compounds)

  75. チョウ, ほ.る, -ぼ.り
    carve, engrave, chisel
    (8 compounds)

  76. キョク, いばら, とげ
    thorn, splinter, spine, biting words, briers
    (2 compounds)

  77. オウ, オク, おく.まる, くま, おお, おん, つ, のく
    heart, interior
    (22 compounds)

  78. ヘキ, ヒ, きみ, ひら.く, め.す
    false, punish, crime, law
    (1 compound)

  79. 殿
    デン, テン, との, -どの, どん
    Mr., hall, mansion, palace, temple, lord
    (18 compounds)

  80. フ, か.えす
    hatch, incubate
    (1 compound)

  81. ヘン, ひるが.える
    fluttering of flag
    (1 compound)

  82. ギ, ゲ, たわむ.れる, ざ.れる, じゃ.れる
    frolic, play, sport
    (20 compounds)

  83. ゲキ
    drama, play
    (22 compounds)

  84. キョ, すすりな.く
    (2 compounds)

  85. エン, ほのお
    flame, blaze
    (2 compounds)

  86. いつ
    ゲン, ゴン, おごそ.か, きび.しい, いか.めしい, いつくし, いづ, きゅうら, とし
    stern, strictness, severity, rigidity
    (26 compounds)

  87. シュク, セキ, せ.まる
    a tight place, scowl, approaching
    (1 compound)

  88. ガン, ねが.う, -ねがい
    petition, request, vow, wish, hope
    (19 compounds)

  89. エン, ヨウ, うな.される
    have a nightmare
    (1 compound)

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