ジョウ, ショウ, シャン, うえ, -うえ, うわ-, かみ, あ.げる, -あ.げる, あ.がる, -あ.がる, あ.がり, -あ.がり, のぼ.る, のぼ.り, のぼ.せる, のぼ.す, よ.す, あげ, い, か, かき, かず, かん, こう, のぼり, ほつ
above, up

This kanji has 3 strokes: 2 in the "divining rod" radical (ぼくのと) and a single other stroke.

Sample compounds (212) :

  1. じょう
    (pref) (suf) governmental, imperial, top, best, high class, going up, presenting, showing, aboard a ship or vehicle, from the standpoint of, as a matter of (fact), first volume

  2. かみ
    top, head, upper part, upper stream, emperor, a superior, upper part of the body, the above

  3. うえ
    (suf) (a-no) above, over, on top of, up, upper part, summit, surface, far better, higher, (in) authority, as far as ... is concerned, besides, after, emperor, sovereign, upon (examination), influence of (liquor), lord, shogun, superior, my dear (father)

  4. のぼる
    to rise, to ascend, to be promoted, to go up, to climb, to go to (the capital), to add up to, to advance (in price), to sail up, to come up (on the agenda)

  5. あげ
    rise in price, making a tuck
  6. その
    in addition, furthermore
  7. せる
    (kyb:) to raise, to record, to bring up (a matter), to serve (food), to send some on out
  8. げる
    to give, to raise, to elevate, to fly (kites), to praise, to increase, to advance, to promote, to vomit, to usher in, to admit, to send (to school), to offer, to present, to leave with, to finish, to arrange (expenses), to observe, to perform, to quote, to mention, to bear (a child), to improve (talents), to do up (the hair), to arrest, to engage, to fry, (rains) to stop
  9. がったり
    poor business
  10. こみげる
    to well up (emotion)
  11. はげがる
    to become bald fom the forehead, to recede
  12. たくしげる
    to roll up or pull up (sleeves, skirt, etc)
  13. まくりげる
    to tuck (e.g. sleeves)

  14. うえした
    high & low, up & down, unloading & loading, praising & blaming

  15. しょうか
    high and low, the government and the people, going up and down

  16. のぼりくだり
    rising & falling, going up & down
  17. ろし
    raising and lowering, loading and unloading
  18. がりがり
    rise and fall, fluctuation

  19. てんじょう
    the heavens

  20. しじょう
    (a-no) historical
  21. げる
    to say, to tell, to state

  22. かみつよ
    antiquity, ancient times

  23. じょうこう

  24. こうじょう
    (vs) elevation, rise, improvement, advancement, progress

  25. うえむく
    to look upward, to turn upward, to rise

  26. うわむき
    upturn, upward tendency, looking upward

  27. じょうひょう
    memorial to the emperor

  28. うわづつみ
    cover, wrapper, envelope
  29. がる
    to be off the press

  30. うわのり
  31. 殿
    the court, palace circles, palace floor

  32. じょうきょう
    (vs) proceeding to the capital (Tokyo)

  33. じょうてい
    Shangti, God, Lord, Creator, the Supreme Being
  34. げる
    to praise to the skies, extol

  35. きんじょう
    the reigning emperor

  36. しあげ
    end, finishing touches, being finished
  37. がる
    (vi) to be finished
  38. げる
    (vt) to finish up, to complete

  39. うわつく
    (uk) to be fickle, to be restless, to be flippant
  40. がる
    to be elated, to be spoiled, to take advantage of

  41. じょうだい
    ancient times

  42. じょうい
    superior (rank not class), higher order (e.g. byte), host computer (of connected device)
  43. がる
    to stretch, to reach to, to stand on tiptoe
  44. げる
    to promote, to make richer

  45. じょうさく
    good crop, masterpiece
  46. げる
    to make up, to fabricate, to build up, to complete, to construct

  47. うわね
    higher price, price rise
  48. がり
    price advance, increase in value
  49. げる
    to hire, to lease, to requisition, to charter

  50. うわかわ
    upper side, surface

  51. そのうえで
    moreover, in addition

  52. うわまえ
    outer skirt, percentage, commission

  53. そんじょう
    one's superior
  54. がる
    to get completely chilled

  55. きりあげ
    end, conclusion

  56. きりあげ
    end, conclusion
  57. げる
    to forfeit, to confiscate, to call out
  58. げる
    to help up, to pick up, to bring safely to land
  59. げる
    to serve out one's apprenticeship, to serve out one's time

  60. じょうじゅん
    first 10 days of month

  61. ほくじょう
    going north

  62. ちょくじょう
    above, going steadily upward

  63. ねあげ
    price hike, mark-up

  64. まうえ
    just above, right overhead
  65. がり
    (tailor's) cutting, styling

  66. じょうじょう
    the best

  67. じょうじょう
    the best

  68. さんじょう
    (vs) calling on, visiting

  69. のぼりぐち
    starting point for a mountain ascent
  70. がり

  71. じょうし
    superior authorities, boss

  72. みぎうえ
  73. げる
    to hang up

  74. じょうこく
    (vs) appeal (to the supreme court)

  75. じょうひん
    (an) elegant, refined, polished
  76. やや
    a little more than

  77. じょうず
    the upper illustration

  78. ちあげ
    land speculation, raising the ground level

  79. うりあげ
    amount sold, proceeds

  80. うりあげ
    amount sold, proceeds
  81. がり
    landing, landing place

  82. あねうえ
    older sister
  83. がり

  84. うわや
    a shed

  85. かわかみ
    upper reaches of a river

  86. ひだりうえ

  87. じょうかん
    volume one
  88. がる
    to roll up, to be rolled up

  89. うわおび
    outer sash

  90. じょうざ
    chief seat, seat of honor
  91. げる
    (io) to withdraw, to leave, to pull out, to retire

  92. ひきあげ
    pulling up, drawing up, salvage, refloatation, raising

  93. うわっぱり
    overalls, wrapper, duster, smock

  94. じょうず
    (an) skill, skillful, dexterity

  95. うわて
    upper part, upper stream, left side (of a stage), skillful (only in comparisons), dexterity (only in comparisons)
  96. くいく
    to have peaceful relations

  97. うちあげ
  98. げる
    to throw up (in the air)
  99. げる
    to put up, to flatter
  100. げる
    to hold up in one's arms

  101. じょうけい
    (an) the above-mentioned
  102. げる
    to dip or scoop up

  103. もみあげ
    tuft of hair under temple, sideburns
  104. げる
    to comb back

  105. うわずる
    to be or get excited, to sound shallow, to sound hollow (a voice), to ring false (a voice), to sound shrill and nervous (a voice), to be high-pitched and unstrung (a voice)
  106. げる
    to pick up and rescue
  107. げる
    to count up, to enumerate

  108. うわじき
    bordered matting

  109. じょうほう
    Kyoto & vicinity, upper region or part

  110. うえつがた
    nobles, the upper class

  111. じょうしょう
    (vs) rising, ascending, climbing

  112. もがみ

  113. きじょう
    on the desk, theoretical
  114. れる
    to die at the top
  115. がる
    to rise in public esteem, to rise in value (stocks)

  116. じょうとう
    raising the ridgepole

  117. たなあげ
    (vs) shelving, pigeonholing

  118. ごくじょう
    first-rate, finest quality, the best

  119. うえざま
    emperor, shogun, honored person

  120. ははうえ
    (pol) mother

  121. うわぐむ
    to draw off the top liquid
  122. げる
    to draw

  123. じょうらく
    proceeding to the capital

  124. しゃんはい
    Shanghai (China)

  125. ふじょう
  126. かびがる
    to rise to the surface
  127. がり
    clean hot bath water for rinsing

  128. うわすべり
    superficial, careless, inattentive

  129. あげしお
    incoming tide
  130. がる
    to flare up, to burst into flames

  131. ちちうえ
    (pol) father

  132. けんじょう
    (vs) presenting to

  133. じょうだま
    fine jewel, best article, pretty woman

  134. じょうでん
    high rice field, very fertile rice field

  135. じょうりゃく
    first paragraphs omitted

  136. あげだたみ
    a tatami finished on both sides

  137. じょうこう
    retired emperor

  138. じょうひ
    outer skin, cuticle, epidermis, epithelium, rind, skin

  139. うわもり
    adding to the top, what's placed on the top
  140. がり
    climax, uprush
  141. げる
    to pile up, to heap up, to stir up, to bring to a climax, to raise

  142. めうえ
    superior(s), senior

  143. うわめ
    upward glance, upturned eyes
  144. がり
    eyes slanted upward, rising tendency

  145. うわいし
    upper millstone

  146. じょうてい
    introducing (a bill), presentation, departure on a journey
  147. げる
    to pile up, to make a heap, to lay bricks

  148. じょうくう
    sky, the skies, high-altitude sky, upper air

  149. うわのそら
    inattention, absent-mindedness

  150. たちあがり
    starting, beginning
  151. がる
    to stand up

  152. じょうたん
    top, tip

  153. じょうとう
    (an) superiority, first class, very good

  154. うわむしろ
    thin padded mat laid on the tatami

  155. うわばこ
    outer box, outer casing

  156. じょうのう
    payment to the government

  157. うわがみ
    paper cover, wrapper, wrapping paper

  158. うわえ
    printed figures (on cloth or pottery)

  159. じょうせん
    tilde, over-line
  160. げる
    to screw up, to put the screws on (a person)
  161. げる
    to move up, to advance
  162. げる
    to buy, to buy up, to bid up
  163. げる
    to take up, to pick up, to disqualify, to confiscate, to deprive
  164. げる
    to take up, to pick up, to disqualify, to confiscate, to deprive

  165. うわがき
    address, superscription

  166. うわぜい
    stature, height

  167. じょうわん
    upper arm

  168. じょうとう
    advance, rise, jump

  169. うわうす
    upper millstone

  170. かんじょう
    aboard a warship

  171. じょうぞく
    spinning of cocoons, the silkworm's last sleep

  172. じょうい
    coat, tunic, jacket, outer garment

  173. うわおおい
    cover, covering
  174. げる
    to look up at, to raise one's eyes, to admire

  175. じょうらん
    imperial inspection

  176. じょうけい
    best policy

  177. じょうき
    (a-no) above mentioned

  178. じょうそ
    appeal (in court)

  179. しじょう
    in a magazine
  180. げる
    to read out loud (and clearly), to call a roll

  181. じょうゆ
    imperial edict

  182. じょうぎ
    (vs) placing on the agenda

  183. じょうえつ
    area on Japan Sea side of Japan, including Niigata

  184. じょうそく
    high retainer
  185. がる
    to jump up, to spring up

  186. じょうしん
    upper lip

  187. うわべ
    seeming, exterior, surface, outside, outward appearance

  188. へんじょう
    (vs) give up, relinquish, serve up, let loose
  189. せる
    to feel dizzy, to have blood rush to one's head, to become conceited

  190. のぼりみち
    uphill road

  191. うんじょう
    carrying up, bringing up

  192. そじょう
    (vs) going upstream, retroact, retrospect

  193. じょうばん
    being on duty
  194. げる
    to pull in (fish), to boost (prices), to raise (eyes)
  195. げる
    to temper thoroughly, to train well

  196. じょうぶん
    an imperial hearing

  197. じょうげん
    upper limit, maximum (in math)

  198. じょういん
    Upper House, Senate, Lords

  199. りくじょう
    land, ground, shore

  200. じょうりく
    (vs) landing, disembarkation

  201. あげはなす
    to cut off (the head)

  202. あめあがり
    after the rain

  203. うんじょう
    above the clouds, the heavens

  204. うわつら
    surface, appearances

  205. うわっつら
    surface, appearances

  206. ちょうじょう
    top, summit, peak

  207. じょうがく
    upper jaw, palate

  208. かざかみ

  209. かけあがる
    to run up
  210. がり
    revenue, income, receipts, yield

  211. うなぎのぼり
    rapid promotion

  212. うわば
    upper teeth
Kanji Character : 上
Kuten Encoding : 3069
SJIS Encoding : 3e65
Unicode Encoding : 4e0a
Old Nelson Index : 798
Radical Number : 25
Classical Radical Number : 1
Frequency Ranking : 16
Gakken Index : 21
Grade Level : 1
Halpern Index : 3404
Heisig Index : 49
Henshall Index : 37
New Nelson Index : 10
O'Neil Index : 47
Stroke Count : 3
Spahn & Hadamitzky Kanji Dictionary Index : 2m1.1
Spahn & Hadamitzky Radical Strokes : 2
Spahn & Hadamitzky Other Strokes : 1
Spahn & Hadamitzky Character ID : m
Spahn & Hadamitzky kanji Number : 1
Spahn & Hadamitzky Kanji & Kana Index : 32
SKIP Code : 4-3-2
De Roo Code : 1272
Four Corner Code : 2110.0
Korean reading : sang
Pinyin reading : shang3
Morohashi Index String : 13
Morohashi Volume and Page String : 1.0195
Morohashi Index Number : 13
Morohashi Page : 195
Morohashi Volume : 1
Cross Index Codes
  1. J13022
Dictionary Codes
  1. R1272

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