Java Programming

My first program was written in BASIC in a Commodore PET when I was in the fourth grade. A few years later, I studied Computer Science at Indiana University and eventually left with an Master's degree. I met this eminently cool fellow Gregory J. E. Rawlins there. I recently a Lead Instructional Developer (does that mean I'm a heavy metal with low melting temperature?) for DePaul University's Academic Technology Development group, led by LoriLee M. Sadler. I started developing software exclusively in Java in the Spring of 1996.

I love Java.

I hate some parts, like the AWT, and some implementations, like the pathetic Netscape default JVM for Communicator 4.05. But overall, Java is what made me interested in hacking code again. I am currently programming with Metrowerks CodeWarrior 4 . If you're a Macintosh programmer, you know why Metrowerks and CodeWarrior rock. Too bad about Apple's shortsighted policy of playing "catch-up" behind the real operating system JVMs, like Linux and Solaris.

Java Kanji Flashcards 500

My main programming project now is Java Kanji Flashcard 500, a kanji "flashcard" study program developed with Dr. Nobuko Chikamatsu, a Japanese professor at DePaul University. It's a Java applet to help students of written Japanese learn the 500 most commonly occurring Chinese characters, or kanji. It displays Japanese in any browser that supports Java 1.0. You do not need a Japanese browser or operating system to study these kanji.

...did I mention how much I hate the pathetic support for Java on Netscape Communicator for the Macintosh?


There are many tidbits, code samples, and other programs coming soon.